Transport from the Border


Many Ukrainian refugees begin their journey into or through Moldova at a border crossing in the Moldovan town of Palanca — one of many border crossings and other stops on the way to safety. Friends of Moldova president Bartosz Gawarecki traveled to Moldova at the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine to assist with refugee response, connecting with partner Budulai of Moldovan organization Zdorovii Gorod. One of his first tasks was to transport Ukrainians to safety from the Ukrainian border. At the beginning of the crisis, the majority of transportation from the border consisted of Moldovan volunteers. However, fuel and transportation costs barred many from helping as much as they would have liked. Since that time, The Friends of Moldova have shifted our support to offer greater assistance to Ukrainian refugees who are temporarily or permanently resettled in Moldova. However, a portion of the Friends of Moldova funds continue to cover fuel and transport costs. This support makes an enormous impact, allowing Moldovan volunteers to mobilize and support the refugee response effort, and allowing Ukrainians passage to safe shelters.

In the first month alone, approximately $5,000 raised by the Friends of Moldova went towards fuel and transportation costs.

First Month in Numbers:

-$5,000 in fuel

-200-300 people transported per day

-50 drivers who received fuel

~ 10,000 Ukrainians transported total