Our work

Every year we award grants to local Moldovan nonprofits, initiative groups, and aspiring social entrepreneurs that benefit the Moldovan community. Supported projects focus on youth, civic society, and social entrepreneurship. We provide educational, material, and/or financial support in order to present opportunities for young Moldovans to build their life skills and develop their communities. During normal operations, we fund 1-2 grant projects per year. In previous years, we supported organizations involved in environmental protection, youth career development, and outdoor camping activities. We intend to support an even wider range of projects in the future.

Since late February 2022, however, Moldova opened its home to its neighbors in Ukraine. Moldova has hosted more Ukrainian refugees per capita than any other country. Our connections with the many organizations and people in Moldova have put us in a position to significantly contribute to aid those that need support from this war. We have supported Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with food and hygiene products. We have also provided transportation and developed a distribution center that serves Ukrainians in northern Moldova. This was only made possible thanks to the wonderful people, volunteers, supporting organizations, and individual donors that supported our efforts.