Our Mission

We aim to support Moldovan civil and youth activists, initiatives, and social entrepreneurs.

The Friends of Moldova was founded in 2019 by a group of Returned Peace Corps volunteers who understand that local communities understand their own needs and aspirations best. Moldovans must be the leaders, decision-makers, and problem-solvers shaping their communities’ futures. We have a vast network of action-oriented community members, in-country volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and Friends of Moldova members to assist our grant winners. The contributions of our members and other donors empowers local community members to take direct action to resolve problems in their community. We award grants on a periodic basis to applicants who support small, community-driven projects in Moldova. We have contributed to three projects since the start of our organization. The theme always revolves around youth, civic society, and social entrepreneurship.


$ 1,046,415

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