We’re always happy to answer questions about our work at info@thefriendsofmoldova.com. Here are a few common questions and answers to get you started!

Donate, hold a fundraiser, spread awareness, and stay informed. To support the Ukraine Refugee Crisis, we suggest the same, as well as writing to Congress to support Ukraine.

English-speaking volunteers from around the world are the essential fabric of The Friends of Moldova. If you want to help plan and create social media posts, coordinate a letter-writing campaign, host a fundraiser, help with organizational development, or write an op-ed, tell us at info@thefriendsofmoldova.com! As for in-person work in Moldova, we are grateful to hear that so many people want to lend a helping hand. If you have language and/or professional skills applicable to our mission, and plan to be in Moldova for an extended period of time, please reach out to us. However, please note that due to the work environment, we do not have the capacity to accommodate volunteers at our distribution centers.

You should give to the Friends of Moldova if you want 99% of your donation to go to supporting local Moldovan communities or Ukrainian refugees. U.S.-based NGOs with a professional staff incur higher overhead costs. While staffed organizations are able to make important strides in advocacy and long-term diplomatic strategy (and are worth supporting!), we are volunteer-run. Our team has always prioritized supporting and centering Moldovan groups making a difference in their own country over growing a long-term, full-time staff of our own. A gift to us directly improves the lives of Moldovans and Ukrainian refugees.

The Friends of Moldova is run entirely by volunteer staff members. They generously dedicate their time and expertise to support various Moldovan groups and initiatives, helping us fulfill our mission. If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us and complete the form.

Our primary donors are individual donors, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and members of our organization. We have had significant support from international organizations such as Church World Service, The Jewish Federation of San Antonio, Be an Angel, Lifting Hands, and Partnership for Peace in our Ukraine Refugee Relief efforts.

Every year in January or February we host a call for proposals that is posted on civic.md and our social media. Once the call for proposals is closed, we do not accept any grant proposals until the following round. To apply, follow the instructions on the website and social media posts while the call for proposals is open.

Our budget size depends on the year. In past years the budget was between $2,500 – $7,500. Projects must be completed by October 31 of the same year. For example, a grant won in March, 2021 must be completed by October 21, 2021.

We support local nonprofits, initiative groups, and aspiring social entrepreneurs that benefit the Moldovan community. The grant request can be for direct funding or for material support (technology, equipment, or educational materials). Projects involving youth and young adults will be prioritized, however, any organization that will benefit the community will be taken into consideration.
To be eligible for a grant you must fall into at least one of the following categories

  • Moldovan citizens (youth and young adults encouraged)
  • Moldovan initiative groups, startups, small businesses, or social entrepreneurship
  • Organizations registered as non-profit NGOs and operating in Moldova;
  • Peace Corps Volunteers through the Peace Corps Partnership Program.
  • European Volunteer Services and other international volunteering groups.