AO Lăpușnița Ecoterra


The main project objective is to create an organic waste collection and composting service for the Commune of Carpineni. This service is necessary, otherwise we will continue to have rubbish dumps with huge amounts of waste that pollute the environment, but could be recovered in a positive way.

AO Lăpușnița Ecoterra in action

AO Lăpușnița Ecoterra’s objective is to solve the problem of organic waste in their municipality, and to efficiently manage it in an environmentally sustainable way. In 2021 they started a campaign to inform the population about the importance of separate waste collection, where they also talked to people about the method of composting organic waste. In the interaction with people some of them told them that they already practice composting but they have difficulties with the larger ones and so they have to burn them, a practice on the one hand harmful to the environment and on the other sanctioned with fines. So Lăpușnița thought they could help them by buying a branch shredder and helping the municipality to deal with composting. At the same time, they want to do this project in partnership with the local high school because since the beginning of 2023, the management of the high school in Carpineni together with a group of young people have won an entrepreneurship project called School Garden where they intend to build a greenhouse for growing and selling decorative flowers. The project idea comes to their aid and they aim to train both young people and teachers involved in the project to learn how to produce their own compost for plants. Thus, AO Lăpușnița want a collaboration between them as a civil society organisation, the High School together with the young people and the LPA together with the community.