The Friends of Moldova

A Nonprofit Founded by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

Our Mission

To support Moldovan civil and youth activists, initiatives, and social entrepreneurs. 

Our goal is to provide educational, material, and financial support in order to present opportunities for young Moldovans to build their life skills and develop their communities. 

Local communities understand their own needs and aspirations best. Moldovans must be the leaders, decision-makers, and problem-solvers shaping their communities’ futures. We have a vast network of action-oriented community members, in-country volunteers, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, and Friends of Moldova members to assist our Moldovan partners and grantees. The contributions of our members and other donors empower local community members to take direct action to find innovative and sustainable solutions for their communities. 


AO Lăpușnița Ecoterra


The main project objective is to create an organic waste collection and composting service for the Commune of Carpineni. This service is necessary, otherwise we will continue to have rubbish dumps with huge amounts of waste that pollute the environment, but could be recovered in a positive way. AO Lăpușnița Ecoterra’s objective is to solve […]

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Our Work

The primary focus of The Friends of Moldova is to support local community projects through our member-led small grants program. Since 2019, we have provided grants to three organizations with a focus around youth development and entrepreneurship. Since February 2022, in addition to our small grants program, we have been involved with providing relief for Ukrainians through distribution of food and non-food items plus providing social assistance like psychological services and medical consultations.


Ukranian Refugee Relief

Since late February 2022, we have supported Ukrainian refugees in Moldova with food and hygiene products. We have also provided transportation and developed a small group of Ukrainian staff at the distribution center.

Ukrainian Refugee Relief

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Friends of Moldova welcomes anyone who has an interest in volunteering in our organization. Due note that we do not have the capacity to bring in volunteers at our distribution center in Bălți.
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Want to do more than donate to the Friends of Moldova? You can set up a fundraiser on our behalf! Find out how you can fundraise locally or online.
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Are you looking to connect with local Moldovan partners and organizations? Is there a partner that you think would be good for us to connect to? We have a large network of Moldovan partners, we can help you connect, and you can help us grow. Let's network!
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